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Spain is the second largest country within the European Union, and a member of the Schengen Area, but has a relatively small population of around 46 million. Its continuing popularity as the country of choice for holiday property owners and for those seeking year round retirement homes is due to its fantastic combination of enviable weather, stunning scenery, a diverse and vibrant culture, plus a modern infrastructure for healthcare, education and transport. Read more... 


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The Costa del Sol is the best known of the Spanish Costas worldwide and it attracts tourists as well as property buyers from all across Europe and beyond. Its popularity is due to its enviable climate that provides 2,900 hours of sunshine annually, its long stretches of sandy beaches and its incredible golf courses.

The Costa del Sol starts at Málaga city, which is also the location of the international airport serving the province, and ends at Gibraltar, which also has an international airport. Read more...


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The Costa Blanca (‘White Coast’) has been a popular area for overseas buyers looking for Spanish property. This popularity is largely due to the Costa Blanca’s geographical position, which means it is known to have only two seasons – spring and summer. With large beaches, nice promenades, picturesque villages and all imaginable facilities, it is seen as the ideal area to live by many.

The capital of the province, Alicante, is situated in the middle to divide the Costa Blanca into northern and southern parts. Most importantly, this bustling, university city has an international airport that connects with the majority of European cities. Read more...


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Costa Calida has the Costa Blanca to its north and the Costa Almeria to the south. This 250km stretch of coast starts at La Carolina, near Águilas in the south and finishes at El Mojón, where the province of Alicante (Costa Blanca) begins. Rather unusually, its residents have access to the Mediterranean sea and to the Mar Menor, which is the largest salt lake in the world.

In general, the Costa Calida has excellent beaches and an interesting array of coastal areas and is famous for its fresh fish and shellfish dishes. The area also produces much of Spain’s fruit and vegetables and there are numerous orchards.. Read more...


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Costa de Almería - The province of Almería has 200km of relatively unspoilt and very natural coastline. There are several locations favoured by overseas buyers: Roquetas de Mar is a coastal town with well-developed amenities for foreign residents. Other places that attract buyers are Aguadulce and Almerimar; the latter has a lovely marina and a golf course.

Mojácar is also popular and is renowned for its excellent beaches. It is the only part of Europe with a hot, desert-like climate and has an average temperature of 19°C. Typically, summer temperatures can soar into the forties, whilst in winter they can drop to a low of 10 degrees centigrade. Read more...


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The Costa Azahar, or ‘Orange Blossom Coast’, lies north of the vibrant city of Valencia and is part of the provinces of Valencia and Castellón. It is a beautiful and unspoilt area and has great beaches, stunning countryside and charming towns. It has a temperate climate with warm summers and mild winters.

This coastal area is easily accessible from the international airport in Valencia. The area has been officially named by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest places in Europe in which to live. Read more...


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