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iFindSpain is a property portal with a global audience and a fast growing network of real estate agents specialising in Spanish properties for sale. Not only does iFindSpain offer you a quick and easy search solution when you’re looking for a Spanish property, it offers you a wealth of information about all aspects of the Spanish property market.

As you may be aware, buying property in Spain is a different process to the one you may be used to in your home country. That’s why we’ve put together a series of guides covering as many topics as possible, ranging from:  telling you about the legal process, the taxes on a Spanish property and where the best investment properties in Spain, as well as taking individual towns cities and residential developments all over the country and giving you the lowdown on the types of properties available, as well as what the social life is like, where the schools are and the availability of healthcare. As well as of course; where the nearest airport is.

iFindSpain has guides to:

  • Spanish Property Buyers Guide – This step-by-step guide informs you about the general procedure for buying a property in Spain. It is essential that you understand this before you start the process of buying a Spanish property.
  • Spanish Property Tax – Find out about Spanish property purchase taxes and make sure you are aware of all your tax responsibilities and costs involved before buying a Spanish property
  • Mortgages in Spain – Learn all about the different options available as well as the choices between a Spanish mortgage and one from your home country. It also covers Spanish mortgage interest rates and repayment.
  • Currency Exchange in Spain – You can save thousands by using the right Currency Exchange company when buying a Spanish property.

Spain continues to attract large numbers of home buyers for Spanish property. It has almost three million foreign residents and this number continues to grow. Plus, tourism figures are trending upwards as well. Thanks to a stable political climate and a strengthening economy, Spain is undoubtedly one of the best foreign property investment places in Europe.

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Property in Spain is in big demand. Plus, the profile of Spanish property buyers is changing quite dramatically. The country was once seen as a retirement destination, but now more overseas buyers under 50 are buying properties in Spain, with an average age of 42.

There are many reasons for this including: the warm climate and superb beaches, Spanish hospitality, culture and way of life, as well as a well-developed infrastructure and Spain’s close proximity to other European countries. Connectivity with the rest of the world is highly valued by buyers of any age and Spain offers this both within the country, thanks to its high speed train network, and its numerous airport hubs that can take you anywhere else in the world.

From the perspective of investment in Spanish property, Spain remains extremely competitive compared to its rivals and there is excellent room for growth. European buyers in particular also feel a high level of comfort knowing that as Spain is in the European Union it shares certain property buying processes in common with other parts of Europe. There are fewer challenges to buying in Spain than in a number of other countries.

What is more, in addition to a buoyant demand for Spanish property, prices are steadily on the rise, especially in the most desirable coastal hotspots, making it one country where property investors can expect to see a good return on investment, plus it has a strong buy-to-let market.

The advance of booking air travel and accommodation online has also encouraged more buyers and visitors to explore Spain and its property market. Cheaper flights and a fantastic selection of property rentals online have really done a lot to bring even more families, golf lovers and sun worshippers to Spain.

iFindSpain helps you find your Spanish property

iFindSpain’s  area guides provide you with expert insights into Spain’s diversity. Each coastal area, for those who want to be beside the seaside, is covered in depth, including the better-known Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and Costa Brava, as well as the lesser known Costa de la Luz, Costa Tropical, Costa de Almeria and Costa Azahar.

iFindSpain also provides guides to the major Spanish cities and their surrounding towns, such as MadridBarcelonaValenciaSevilla, Granada, Córdoba and Málaga. Within these city categories you can find smaller destinations within easy travelling distance of the cities, and have the advantage of living in a Spanish residential property that gives you both an urban and country lifestyle.

In Spain, there is an enormous difference between living in one of its larger cities and residing in a small village. At iFindSpain we always aim to offer you properties for sale that cater to every taste and lifestyle needs. That’s why we are building a network of real estate agents that cover all types of properties from beachside apartments in Marbella to fincas and cortijos inland.

We also view the market from the property buyer’s perspective. Do you have children that will need to go to school? iFindSpain can advise you on the best places to search for a property where you’ll also find international schools for example. Or, do you have healthcare issues that will mean you need to be near to a hospital and clinics. Again, iFindSpain has the information that can assist you with making a decision about where you want to buy.

Finally – you can talk to us at iFindSpain. This is not a faceless property portal where you are simply left to get on with your search all by yourself; although, you can do that as well. But, if you’re stuck, or have a question that isn’t immediately answered on the website, you can have a chat with a real person and use our Property Finder Service that makes life even easier.

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