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Moving Abroad ChecklistMoving Abroad Checklist

Moving abroad always requires a good deal of preparation

This is even more important when you are moving abroad. There are so many things to consider, from getting over any language barriers, to dealing with utility companies to understanding local customs, such as shop opening hours.

So, if you are considering buying a property and moving abroad, we’ve put together a brief moving abroad checklist to help you get started. Some of these may not apply if you are only resident for a few months of the year.

Moving Abroad, Best Checklist

  1. Know your visa requirements for your new country of residence.
  2. Do your research into the area you are buying in and make initial plans about how to settle into your new community and get to know people.
  3. Find out the tax requirements for your home country when you live abroad.
  4. Make sure you meet your tax obligations of your new country of residence.
  5. Decide what to do about your property in your home country – sell or rent out?
  6. Make plans for relocating pets.
  7. Start to work out which objects to put in storage and which to transport abroad.
  8. Choose an international moving company.
  9. Check on your insurance requirements (home, travel, life and car) and make sure that when you move, you still comply with the rules of any existing policies.
  10. Find out about any driving regulations, including licenses and tests you may have to take.
  11. Make a list of your utility bills and make plans for turning them off if you don’t plan to return.
  12. Try to sort out a mobile phone, landline and Internet provider before you move.


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