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Properties for sale on the Costa Brava (Girona Region)

The Costa Brava is in the province of Girona, which is part of Catalonia. It is located in the northeast corner of Spain and the French border is only a short drive from the city of Girona. This 300km coastline has long been a favourite residential area with foreign buyers and like the other Costas, it is also a popular holiday destination.

One of the Costa Brava’s main attractions is the fact that its coastline is extremely diverse in appearance with its high cliffs, small coves and large bays, plus a sense of wild, natural beauty that differentiates it from other coastlines on the peninsula.

The Costa Brava has numerous microclimates, but in general it has a typical Mediterranean climate of hot summers and a sunny but mild spring and autumn. The winter weather can be more variable and it has even been known to snow.


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Property of the month
Ref: SBP-2260

2 Bedroom Village house
in Albons

Girona (Costa Brava), Spain

Beds: 2Baths: 4

Price: €675,000

Ref: SBP-2565

4 Bedroom Village house
in Palau-sator

Girona (Costa Brava), Spain

Beds: 4Baths: 4

Price: €950,000

Ref: SBP-2566

6 Bedroom Country House
in Pals

Girona (Costa Brava), Spain

Beds: 6Baths: 4

Price: €2,900,000

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